New Treatment Option for Chronic Pain Relief Changing Lives on Florida’s Space Coast

In a segment on Space Coast Daily Health Spotlight, Dr. Michael Esposito of Florida Pain Institute was interviewed at our Pineda clinic location, discussing DRG (Dorsal Root Ganglion) therapy. Dr. Esposito’s enthusiasm was evident when discussing the topic, which he refers to as “truly a game-changer in pain management,” as he’s seen the lives […]

Life-Changing Chronic Pain Treatment That Doesn’t Require Opioids

In Palm Bay, Florida, patients suffering from chronic pain turn to pain management expert Dr. Michael Esposito of Florida Pain Institute to help them find relief from their suffering. Dr. Esposito specializes in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, utilizing his expertise to provide compassionate, individualized care for central east coast Florida patients.

Mary Jane Mastrovich is […]

Patients with Severe Neck, Back and Spine Pain Find Relief Without Opioid Medications Thanks to Treatments Provided by Space Coast, FL Physician

At Florida Pain Institute, Dr. Thaiduc Nguyen performs minimally invasive interventional pain management procedures for Space Coast patients seeking relief from chronic pain. Patients rely on Dr. Nguyen to provide expert medical intervention with individualized treatments to relieve pain and restore their quality of life.

One such patient had been suffering from severe sciatic nerve […]

Florida Pain Institute’s Dr. Ashish Udeshi Spearheads Initiative to Combat Opioid Crisis

According to the National Safety Council, 60 people die every day from opioid pain medications. That’s 22,000 people every year. In Florida alone, the opioid epidemic was declared a statewide emergency as of 2017.

In response to this growing problem, a philanthropic group known as The Doctors Goodwill Foundation (DGF) is taking action to combat the […]

Cancer Rehabilitation: Improving Quality of Life After a Diagnosis of Cancer

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) defines a cancer survivor as anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer from the time of diagnosis and for the balance of his or her life. In 2008, they estimated 11 million persons in the United States who were living with a previously diagnosed cancer. They estimate that […]